Work Inspiration Week

Work Inspiration Week is a yearly event for young people to get an insight into a variety of job roles within different sectors and companies.

Many local businesses were excited at the opportunity to inspire their potential future workforce.

2019's opportunities included:

    • Barnsley FC inviting students to a press conference
    • Berneslai Homes gave students construction challenges
    • Barnsley College taught pupils about recruitment, IT, finance and marketing
    • Barnsley Council's museum service showcased what it takes to look after the parkland at Cannon Hall
    • students planned to build a school with environmental consultants at Enzygo
    • MKB Solicitors challenged students to come up with advice for a case
    • The Source worked to explore opportunities in retail and took the young people "behind the scenes" at Meadowhall

If you'd like to get involved in the next event, please contact us online.