Work Readiness Competencies

To do any job you need a range of skills and qualities, and most job applications will need you to show that you have them.

But what are they?
How can you show employers you have them if you have never worked before?

We asked Barnsley businesses what they are looking for when they are employing new people and it comes down to 10 skills and qualities that will help you in every job.  This is what they said:-

Schools and Colleges are one way of learning and you will have developed a number of the competencies whilst you studied:
⦁ Have you been involved in team projects?
⦁ Digital skills could be second nature to you
⦁ Good attendance record – You do what you promised – you’re reliable
⦁ Solo projects and you’ve worked on your own initiative

Think about your work outside of education too:
⦁ Team Sports or involvement in performances you’re a team player.
⦁ Ever had difficulties in life and bounced back – you’re resilient.

Everyone is different, will have learnt in different ways and have different experiences. So think about YOUR work readiness competencies, and be proud of them.