Work Inspiration Week Networking Breakfast

As part of the Council’s ‘More and Better Jobs’ initiative, this year the Young People’s Skills and Enterprise Team contacted employers to be a part of the pilot of Work Inspiration Week 2019. The programme ran for a total of two weeks, one back in March with Kirk Balk Academy students and the other in June with pupils from Outwood Academy Carlton and Penistone Grammar School.

Students took part in half day visits with numerous employers ranging from Enzygo, Henry Boot and Kier to MKB Solicitors, Barnsley Football Club and many more, to learn about their organisation and how the industry works.

Following the pilot programme, students, teaching staff and employers were invited to Kirk Balk Academy last week to discuss the project and feedback from their workplace visits and how they benefited from it.

The morning gave students and employers time to sit and talk about what happened at their workplace visits in small groups before sharing back to the room. The event was a great way for employers to talk to the future workforce and those who had taken part in Work Inspiration Week were handed certificates by the student to say thank you for opening their place of work.

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