Enterprising Young People

More and more people are choosing self-employment or running their own business as a career choice; in 2014 15% of the workforce in the UK were self-employed[1].

People choose to be self-employed or to run their own business for many reasons including;

  1. Because they want to be their own boss
  2. They have an idea or a product they want to sell
  3. They can see a better or more efficient way of doing something
  4. They want to make money

Today with global platforms like EBay, Amazon and Facebook it is easier than ever to get your products and services in front of people.

If you have a business idea and want to know what to do next, give us a call and have a chat with us about it.

We can help you with forming your business idea and help in making it a reality. A lot of people think that you have to have a degree and have lots of money to start a business, which isn’t the case, if you have a product or a service that you can sell and there are people who want to buy it, then that is a business.

We are here to help you whether it is thinking about ways to sell your product or service, through to managing your money and making a profit.

To see out current IKIC support for young people interested in setting up their own business click here

For more information contact Alasdair Parker on 01226 774573 or email alasdairparker@barnsley.gov.uk or richardshaw@barnsley.gov.uk

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