Positive Futures Barnsley – MENCAP

Positive Futures main focus is to assist any individual with a learning disability progress their personal confidence, motivation and skills to assist them in gain sustainable employment/volunteering or firther education.

Over a 22 week period each individual will receive support in their own personal goals while enhancing their skills to communicate in a team environment.

Areas covered on the Course

  • Community Impact Project
  • Employability Skills
  • Work Placement
  • Money Mangagement
  • Fund Raising Event

The next enrolment date:  26th September
Venue: Royal Mencap Office, Priory Campus, Pontefract Rd, Barnsley

Contact Details

Nigel Roberts Tel: 07908 230211 Email: Nigel.Roberts@mencap.org.uk
Rebbecca Burrell Tel: 07966 803617 Email: Rebbecca.Burrell@mencap.org.uk

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