Offering Work Experience

A meaningful work experience placement is a great way for young people to get an experience of being in the workplace and to find out about a particular industry, helping them to be inspired, meet new role models and decide whether a particular industry interests them or not.

Benefits to you as a company, include:

  • providing an insight into your company and industry
  • Young people offer a younger perspective on your work, which can be really beneficial
  • It could be a development opportunity for some of your staff, as they will need to communicate, coach and potentially inspire a teenager!
  • It gives a chance to “give back” to the local community
  • Opportunity to act as role models and share with young people the range of opportunities available to them

According to UKCES two-thirds of employers said work experience was critical when recruiting a young person, but in some areas of the country only a third of employers offer work experience. If you think it is essential, then contact Richard Shaw on 01226 773437 or who can help you to offer work experience placements.

If you are looking for ways to make the work experience more meaningful – try these links:

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