Foundation Studies  @ Barnsley College

Our purpose is to ensure that you have a great time, achieve your aims and progress on to work or further study.

In order to achieve this you will be expected to:
Attend sessions on your timetable (this will be a minimum of 16 hours per week)
Be punctual and arrive on time for classes
Behave responsibly and respect your self, your surroundings and each other

Your Foundation Learning Study Programme will be made up of:
Tutorials – Time each week with an assigned mentor who will lead sessions and group discussions about topics of interest to you and pass on useful information.
Employability qualification – This will help you develop the skills needed to prepare for the world of work such as CV writing, job applications and interview techniques.
Maths and English – Functional Skills or GCSEs at the right level for you
Work related activity – You will have the opportunity to complete work – related activities such as: a work placement, volunteering, getting involved in a community project, enterprise or visiting a company’s premises.

A member of staff called a Personal Tutor will work with you to ensure that you get the best out of your time at College,  They will be there to listen to you, offer any extra help, advise and guidance and support you to succeed.

Next Steps:
Once you have completed your Foundation Learning study programme, staff will help you prepare for your next step whether that be:

Further Study in College  An Apprenticeship  Employment

For more information please contact:
Simone Jenkins                                                Laura Bennett
T: 01226 216537                                               T: 01226 216 525
E:                          E:

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