Big Challenge 2020

This year’s Big Challenge is now underway and teams have started to produce their products to sell through their businesses.

Across Barnsley in Primary and Secondary schools, young people are taking part in the competition to develop their products, sell them and then grow their ventures before pitching in a dragons den in April 2020.
Teams from the Secondary competition took part in a masterclass ran by Tim Corcoran of Red Face Consulting at the beginning of November at Horizon CC.
Tim is a consultant who works with businesses to help them define their offers imparted his knowledge to help the teams look at who their customers are, and think about messages to help them sell their products to them.
Next up: all teams will have the opportunity to sell their products upstairs in Barnsley’s brand new Indoor Market.
Teams will be selling their products to the public on Saturday 14th December; come and have a look at what they have been up to!