Big Challenge 2019

This year’s Barnsley Big Challenge has seen young people once again set up their own businesses and run them across the academic year. The initiative aims to open young people’s eyes to the possibilities of running their own business whilst allowing them to develop skills that will stay with them and be useful in all walks of life around finance, team work, ideas development and decision making.

Over 90 teams from both primary and secondary have been selling their products throughout the competition and are now in the process of submitting their business reports. The final stages of the competition will see teams invited to a Dragons Den, to pitch their business to a panel in a bid to be crowned Best Business; Primary and Secondary.

Throughout the year the teams have had the opportunity to sell their products in the new indoor market. It has given them the opportunity to sell their products directly to the public and be amongst the market traders, learning from them and developing their own offer.

We wish all the teams the best of luck in the final stages of the competition.

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