Barnsley Students ‘Soar to Success’ With New Programme

Barnsley Council’s Young People Skills and Enterprise team are working together with The Air League organisation to launch a brand new programme, getting young people in Barnsley, interested in aerospace and aviation.

Over the last two weeks, hundreds of Year 9 and 12 students across the borough have been given the opportunity to have an air experience day in a glider, flying across North Yorkshire as part of the ‘Soaring to Success’ initiative, led by The Air League. The project is set to expose young people to the careers and skills the aviation sector has to offer.

Along with the programme, over 600 Barnsley students have taken part in Interactive Workshops, meeting and speaking to pilots from DHL and British Airways, engineers from Rolls Royce and representatives from The Air League itself.

The programme will end with Year 12 students taking part in an Immersive Gliding Course, for then hopefully 6 students to have a Powered Flying opportunity in August.

The Air League are a non-profitable organisation with the purpose to enhance the national understanding of aerospace and aviation to the UK and to highlight the importance to young people’s interests in these areas by getting them excited and involve, with programmes like ‘Soaring to Success’.