Ambition Barnsley 2019 – Student Journalists Blog

On the 20th of November 2019, me (Libby Corcoran) and one of my class mates Evie Sheldon were acting as the student journalists for Ambition Barnsley 2019. This opportunity was really eye opening into what tasks we could be faced with when we go into the world of journalism.

When we arrived at the event the first task we were set was to gather images and video footage of all the stalls at Ambition Barnsley, we then compiled all the footage together using Premiere Pro, using background music and on-screen graphics to help make the video look and sound more interesting. Once this was completed, we had the chance to put out the video on twitter to show people the highlights of Ambition Barnsley 2019, and to show the guests that were attending that evening. We also tweeted out images to give people more insight of what to expect.

Another task we were asked to carry out was gathering information from the students at Ambition Barnsley with their opinions and thoughts on the event. We both found this really interesting to see the event through the student’s perspective.

Overall, this opportunity was really helpful towards our journalism experience and helped us to gain more confident with talking to people and creating good standard products in a short space of time.

We would both just like to thank the team at Ambition Barnsley for the experience.