Ambition Barnsley 2018 – From the Eyes of our Student Journalists

On 21st November we set off from school with a Year 9 class, to Barnsley Metrodome. Me and another girl Meghan were doing all the photography and journalism work for the day. We took photos of the different events such as; hair and beauty, sports and the RAF.

Meghan and I walked around asking people what they thought of the event and most really liked it and were enjoying their day. We did some social media work and posted the photos on Twitter and Facebook, which could be seen all around the events hall by a huge live stream screen!

Meghan and I went for lunch, had a good look around the other stalls and I even had a hand massage. After that we met the Mayor of Barnsley, interviewed him and took a photo. He said the event was, “A great way to shape people’s futures” and he would definitely come again. After he left we went around the other stalls like the RAF who told us some amazing facts like did you know you could be a photographer, nurse or doctor in the RAF? Pretty cool. Meghan and I then had our make-up done and then we went back and looked at what we had done throughout the day, like our photographs and tweets.

By Lacy and Meghan

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