About Music Hub

We offer opportunities for you to:

  • Learn to play a musical instrument for a year as part of your class in your primary school;
  • Learn to play a musical instrument in a small group;
  • Take national music exams on the instrument you play;
  • Prepare for higher music exams by having individual lessons;
  • Hire instruments to have your lessons on;
  • Play in bands, orchestras and ensembles;
  • Sing regularly;
  • Perform in large scale and/or high quality music workshops and concerts;
  • Perform with professional musicians and in professional venues.

We also offer training and development opportunities for teachers in schools to support the delivery of music education in Barnsley.

To find out more, visit our list of music partners or contact our lead organisation; Barnsley Music Service on 01226 291525 or email: bms.reception@Barnsley.org